We constituted the Research Group on Risk and Social Integration in 2005 and it was recognized as Emergent Group by the Regional Govern of Aragon (Spain). In 2008 the Group obtained the recognition of “Consolidated” and we decided to change the name by Study Group on Risk Society. The first researcher of the group until 2011 was Gaspar Mairal and since then it is Jose Angel Bergua

Our research has been directed toward studying the phenomenon of risk, uniquely from the perspective of Social Sciences. We understand that the risk is not an isolated phenomenon that can be thoroughly investigated to be exhausted, but we have a constitutive property of contemporary society and culture. Hence for us the investment risk is to be primarily a field of study that is deployed in many areas that require continued research. Moreover, we believe that the risk today is becoming one of the most prominent features in the social sciences to characterize modern societies as they have made him one of its preferred issues.

Our research encompasses environmental conflicts, the complex and delicate balance in sustainable development and tourism, social integration processes that occur over immigrants, religious minorities, ethnic groups, etc.., and the genealogy the notion of risk, and the narrative mode that experts, media and other social actors manifest their perception of risk

Moreover, we work in other areas, also linked with the notion of risk but without the status line of research that have within the group. This is the case of our work on creativity, consumer organizations, business, work, politics, city and cultural policies.

Today we are part of the group 16 members who work in the fields of Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Philosophy, Education, Law and Social Services.

The Risk Society in the World

Map of where the Study Group on Risk Society at the University of Zaragoza has made research visits.

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